Thursday, 1 December 2011

Day 1 of The Deathline Challenge

Here is the process for the pirate study I did, and also the start of my first day for the deathline study (it would actually be my 31st day but since I haven't catalogued it on this blog yet, I thought it would just be better to start from today).
If anyone hasn't heard of the deathline challenge, I recommend you to go to this link and read all about it:
I have decided on my goals for the deathline and I will be posting it here as well as my day to day progress following the inspirational lead of Alex Negrea who was the one who gave me the idea to post my progress onto my blog.  Here is the blog entry that inspired me:
You guys should check it out and follow his progres.  He is a great guy with great work.

My goals:
1. Finish a study a day, and also incorporate the things I've learnt into my personal work, so that I can build up my mental library.  By doing so, I wouldn't have to depend so much on photos and other reference materials while doing client work and day to day things.
2. Finish at least 3 personal pieces a month with the ultimate goal of applying to Magic: The Gathering which is basically my dream job at the moment and also the reason why I got into art in the first place.
3. Eat healthy and maintain a constant workout routine to stay healthy.

I look forward to beginning the deathline and will give my everything to ensure my goals become a reality in the coming year.

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  1. It's refreshing to see a person so dedicated to improving his craft! You'll go far :)