Thursday, 29 December 2011

Day 18 - 30

Here is the study for today.  I learnt a lot from this one.  Never really thought about how many greens are in lily leaves :P My main focus was the flower though, and that was a lot of fun to paint.  The whole study took about 2 hours which was the time limit.

It's getting close to the end of the month and I thought I would just sum up on how the month went.  Basically, in terms of reaching my goals, I failed miserably on all accounts with only completing 18 studies out of the 30 which I should have had by now.  To be fair, there was the whole business with my new computer playing up, the recaliberating of my recaliberated screen :( and the router network problems - which all took about a week of my study time.  Not to mention the ever pressing hours of my client work and other things that couldn't have been helped such as Christmas and most likely the New Year as well, which would all have been manageable if I hadn't lost so much time already.  I also don't have a single personal piece this month.  I'm hoping to have 2 by the end of the month which still doesn't fulfil my goal.  And with all that has happened, I have also missed about 8 or 9 workouts as well, which gives me a final score of 0/3 :'(

Looking back, I may have made the goals unrealistic to my skill level and time availability, but on reflection, I won't be changing the goals and I'll try to do better next month.  As they say, if the goals aren't hard, they aren't worth getting.
On a good note, ever since I started the deathline challenge, I have done a much larger body of work and studies as opposed to the previous months when I wasn't doing it.  And even though I didn't reach any of my goals, I did push harder than I have done in the past to get better, and I hope to continue this practice until I reach my goals. Sorry for all my babbles, here is the study :D

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