Saturday, 10 December 2011

Day 9

Hey guys, here is the study for today.  It was only a quick 2 hour study as I spent the other 6 hours of my free time doing some personal work.  I'll post it up when I've finished it.  The workout was really hard today.  I think I must've lost weight just by sweating O.o Here is the link . I'm super tired right now as I've been doing work and studies for the past 17 hours, and sleep is calling.  See you guys tomorrow.

It's also been brought to my attention that in the gandalf piece I did - the screenshot I used while doing the study was actually warped which made his face unusally long - which I didn't actually realise when I was painting, and I kept thinking 'wow, his face is really long', 'wow, it's so long' (that's what she said).  So, in actual fact, the reference was warped.  I guess I should stop doing studies so late at night :P

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